The Glass EP

by Primakova

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released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Primakova Ely, UK

An alternative indie/folk/rock band with the core instruments of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards that performs catchy songs with intelligent lyrics

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Track Name: The Glass
Old Joe had first received it
In 1954
A present from the landlord
In remembrance of the war
Two brothers hadn’t made it
And Joe could not forget
But the contents of the glass
Remained his best hope yet

Pass the glass, pass the glass don’t spill a drop
The history held within it
Can never be re-bought
Pass the glass, pass the glass

To his son he passed it
In 1973
A custodian of the future
A trusted deputy
It danced around the country
To reggae, ska and punk
And many times it stage dived
But still the drink got drunk

His grandson took possession
In 1994
It rolled on up to Glastonbury
And then back down the Tor
It was raised aloft at Pilton
And hitchhiked to Stonehenge
The length and breadth of Britain
And round once more again

Old Joe passed on 2 years ago
The glass was at his wake
Passed around as usual
With comedy and grace
His picture still hangs proudly
Above the fireplace on the wall
And the glass is back behind the bar
To be handed out once more
Track Name: Green Screen
Plug in the computer and get online
CGI’d depiction recombined
No need to use imagination
The viewer’s placed right there
Twisted entertainment shown as truth
Now live on air

Fade to black
And roll the closing credits
Stand well back
As history repeats
And the scene rewinds again
Only one thing still remains
The green screen

The broadcast’s coming in from satellite
Exclusive presentation seen worldwide
On a theatrical safari
The camera never lies
Only focussed on the living
And the ones who still survive

A broadband conversation from the front
Interspersed with gunshots from
The director’s plastic children’s toy popgun
Track Name: Own Goal
Made it to the ground
At the dodgy end of town
And bought my soggy pie and chips
The expectation in the air
Turned quickly to despair
When we saw the names upon the team sheet
No-one knew who they were
Why they were playing here this week

The rumours went around
That one of them was found
Playing for a Premiership club
But it was not as it appeared
As the extent of his career
Was two minutes as a second half sub
And the promised healthy body shape
Looked more like a face with mumps

It’s an own goal
Another own goal
Another loss and
Another moan
And at the end of 90 minutes
It’s 200 miles to get back home

The new player in defence
It doesn’t make much sense
Last week he was playing up front
And the owners bright idea
To get sponsored by a beer
Backfired as a publicity stunt
As I swear I saw the goalie passed out
Last night down the local pub
Track Name: Leading Edge
It’s just your job you say
But you judge
You judge others by your own beliefs
And in contempt you finally drowned
Ran aground
Before sinking in the sea of relief

It can’t go on like this
It won’t go on like this
You’ve been told

Studying the book to understand what it’s concealing
Focussed on the words but forgot about the meaning
Batting in a straight line but falling to a leading edge
A leading edge
A leading edge

Amongst your friends you say
But you’re not
As you dig yourself into the hole
Lining up to marshal the cause
Take the applause
And the votes exchanged direct for your soul

It can’t go on like this
It won’t go on like this
You’ve been sold