Inside The Institution

by Primakova

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released May 22, 2011



all rights reserved


Primakova Ely, UK

An alternative indie/folk/rock band with the core instruments of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards that performs catchy songs with intelligent lyrics

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Track Name: He Marched Them
At Balaclava met the armies of the past
In 1854 the subject of the charge
At first the lancers, then the hussars and then the dragoons
At Causeway Heights the bugler sounded his tune

The fateful order had come from Raglan to advance
Prevent the enemy from stealing the captured guns
But just like Chinese whispers, Nolan passed on the wrong command
Indicated the target with a casual sweep of his hand

He marched them up unto the hill
He marched them all against their will
He marched them to a place where the ground lay crimson red
Down the valley of death

Towards the Russian hoards kicked on the cavalry
Lucan thought he was acting out Raglan's strategy
Six hundred or more, straight into the firing line
Six hundred or more, annihilated by the Russian reply
Track Name: Face In The Crowd
Never thought that we would live to see the day
We wouldn't cover our faces and hide away
All we need is the chance to belong
We won't be wronged
The clock ticks onwards with the second hand
Do what you want, there's nothing that we can't withstand
Once we looked for guidance but now we demand

Face up, the revolution is going down
Next up, its time for the second round
Wake up, we have passion and we are proud
Steer clear, underrate us at your own risk
No fear, we'll fight the bullets off with our fists
We're here, and we're more than just a face in the crowd
And we won't back down

Beware the airstrikes from the foreign planes
They kept us down the ladder just for their own gain
We won't be held to ransom no more
This is civil war
As they fell back the mercenaries were drafted in
Sniping down from the rooftops at the space between
They led us here and we will not concede
Track Name: None Of It Was Real
I saw the white horses running up and down the sand
Wave upon wave the beasts were so much in demand
Though the horses were blind
They formed a perfect line
With their foaming manes
Floating out of the tide
I tried to hitch a ride
But lost my balance again

I know that none of it was real
Just my idea of the ideal
The neurons firing in my sleep
Conjured up the world I see

I felt the touch of the sand creeping up between my toes
Where the path up the cliff leads it seems no-one really knows
When close to the top
I must have sensed the shock
Because I suddenly froze
There in front of me
Like some giant weed
Grew a huge black rose

I heard the sound of a clock ticking on relentlessly
Marking out the time with a strange futility
Tweedledum and Tweedledee
In boxing gloves marched on me
Needed to just keep calm
At the sound of the bell
I bid them both farewell
'Cos it was just my alarm
Track Name: For My Time Again
Standing on the corner of the street in the pouring rain
The weather reflecting my fears and feeling my pain
Oh, wouldn't it be nice to obtain a guarantee
Masking my intentions while retaining a sense of dignity

Trudging through the centre of town in a foot of snow
They forecast five above but it feels like ten below
Oh please someone stop and buy my magazine
I'm just the cog in the system that went rusty and fell from the machine

Oh how I wish
It hadn't come to this
Though I lost everything
I'm pulling through
Ooh, ooh, ooh
For my time again

Busking on the edge of the mall in the blazing sun
Longing for a tiny bit of shade but there simply is none
My voice is all but gone and my throat it feels like sand
My fingers are so sore I can't tell they're still attached to my hand
Track Name: Room 101
I hate the mornings when I try to stay awake
Rub the sleep out of my eyes
I hate the journey in to work I'm forced to make
Out the door before sunrise

I heard you say
I know I heard you say
That you hate it too

I hate the fact we can be forced out of our house
Why can't we stay right here?
I hate the people who were left to sort it out
Happy to speak but never hear

I heard you say
I know I heard you say
That you hate it too

With one step forward, two steps back
Patrick McGoohan's Six would laugh
At all the bureaucratic crap
Of course no-one's to blame
Live the Orwellian dream
Join in with Big Brother's scheme
Now I know what Winston means
It seems we're destined to remain
In Room 101

I hate the fact we're so reliant on machines
Don't think about it 'til they're gone
I hate all the dumbed down shit on our TVs
Seems Rupert Murdoch's won

I heard you say
I know I heard you say
That you hate it too
Track Name: Behold The Man
The womblike sphere, crash landed back in time
The birth took place, Glogauer entrenched in slime
Behind the rock witness the stunned Essenes
As the magus from the old tales stepped out from the machine

Baptise me said the man who led the flock
Panicking Karl fled to the desert in shock
Through heat and thirst he wandered half alone
To Nazareth, the focus of his fears as yet unknown

Behold the man
The paradox he can't command
No choice but become the myth itself
His faith had forced his hand
Behold the man

Searched for the carpenter with the new born son
Back to the time he was taught it had all begun
But Joseph was just a bitter twisted old man
And Mary was a whore whose loins begat the starting of the sham

In the corner sat a profoundly retarded child
Spouting gibberish his stare was stark and wild
Who was this child he proceeded to inquire
Karl just whimpered when told the child's name was the same as his messiah

With both pride and fear he stepped into the role
Gathered followers, repeated parables he could recall
Used sleight of hand to simulate miracles
Closely followed the legend of the man and his principles

Finally the time had come to end the tale
Organised a meal for the plan he would unveil
Ordered a puzzled Judas to betray him to the mob
To the cross he went willingly, but at the end he cried to God
Track Name: Leaders Of The World
We met inside the institution
To discuss the whole affair
If we were part of the solution
Then we neither were aware
We talked the great and the good
And the misunderstood
Contemplated what we should
Have begun to prepare

As the evening went on longer
And the beer went swiftly down
The conviction swelled up stronger
And our sympathies were drowned
Discussed our various schemes
That covered multiple themes
But it was not what it seemed
As we later found

We were the leaders of the world
Leaders of the world in our own heads
We had created world peace
Wiped out all the disease by the end
But revolution was masked
By the now empty glass
And at the end of it all
We both went home

We realised the dream was over
From all the money we had spent
And the size of the hangover
The ibuprofen couldn't mend
The disappointment we felt
As the memories melted
Made us laugh out as well
'Cos just for a short time
Track Name: The Bad Times Never Last
I met you back in the old days
That distant time long concealed
It made me flinch with the memory
Spinning round on the balance wheel

Don't you see how you made it?
Don't you see how you grew?

I went to see your relations
Explained the trouble you were in
Forgot to listen to the warnings
And dropped my feet squarely within

Can't they see how you made it?
Can't they see how you grew?

Don't look back on it with sadness
When you've left it in the past
Raise your glass to your happiness
And have a drink on me
Have a drink to see
The bad times never last

Can't they see how you made it?
Can't they see how you grew?
Track Name: Fashion
Fashion, is a form of ugliness
Fashion, an intolerable mess
Altered every six months
It seems Oscar was so right to profess

Fashion, its a dirty little word
Fashion, when you think its so absurd
That label don't make you better
Spent your cash so you can rejoin the herd

Stick-insects on the catwalk
Focusing on selling you your dream
Poor bastards in the sweatshop
The glitz and glam ain't heading downstream
Crank up that cash making machine

Fashion, just do what everybody says
Fashion, become a walking cliche
If Kate Moss told you to jump
Would you turn around and ask her how high?
Track Name: Brave New World
You heard the news on the grapevine
He'd attempted something just like this before
As this wasn't the first time
Lack of haste was nothing to be sorry for
When you opened the curtains
And sunlight scraped the hedge on its way in
You saw him there and you were certain
Then a sudden guilt just surfaced from within

That brave new world you don't believe in any more
Glimpsed through the crack of the door
The second time you didn't know what to find
Discovered the pact he had signed

Hiding away all his letters
Clearing the junk mail from behind the door
Strange to think of the debtors
The ones who always tried to keep a score
Not even the bookmaker was smiling
On that early Sunday afternoon
Old friends and new were conspiring
Nothing and no-one seemed to be immune

When you opened the curtains
And sunlight scraped the hedge on its way in
You saw him there and you were certain
Then a sudden guilt just surfaced from within