Swimming Back Upstream

by Primakova

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released April 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Primakova Ely, UK

An alternative indie/folk/rock band with the core instruments of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards that performs catchy songs with intelligent lyrics

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Track Name: Mystery Guest
You shouldn't try to keep your secrets
And then just run off to confess
I'm sure you've got your own reasons
To fight the movement to suppress

Acting parts in your own theatre
But going blind under the spotlight

Even though it's all burning around us
It seems a small request
Too much information here to digest
See the standard bearer living under house arrest
Been infiltrated by the mystery guest

Face to face inside the media
With only eight of your lives left
Repel the wave of anaesthesia
That's frozen all ways to collect

Acting parts in your own theatre
But going blind under the spotlight

Burned out bridges now the sole means to escape
Document the self made exile, then wait
Track Name: Monsters Under The Bed
With the flick of a switch when the light ran away
And the last scraps of daylight abandoned
Instead of feeling secure inside the cozy retreat
There were noises just outside on the landing
When the shadows crept through the deepening gloom
A twinkle through a crack fell in the middle of the room
But it was not quite enough to scare the monsters away
Their presence a reminder of that dark cabaret
Oh no

They kept ignoring what the little boy said
There's monsters under the bed

For now the Kraken awoke and with a smile on it's face
Wrapped it's leathery tentacles round them
With it's suckers gripped tight there was no will to fight
And it pulled all the helpless towards it
Looking on was a dog with huge glowing red eyes
That stared at his victims till they were all hypnotised
Yet no matter the pain that they were all going through
Not one was prepared to shout the opposite view
Oh no

From the coffin he rose and with tears in his eyes
He blew off the dust from around him
Then the vampire proceeded to suck the well dry
The ghost of emotions unfounded
The shark had eloped with the invisible man
But the slime had remained as the final exam
Yet it all fell apart just like the mummies remains
And forever and ever cycles over again
Oh no
Track Name: What Goes Up Must Come Down
It's six in the morning but it feels like it's ten
The pain in your head has returned once again
It was your answer, your bounty, your prayer
You consumed more than you were aware

What goes up must come down
Denial overcomes the doubt
What goes up must come down
But when you open your mouth to shout
Only silence makes it out

The night gone before you simply cannot recall
A blur in a mist but then just nothing at all
But still you insist that you had a great time
And the abuse is somehow kind of benign

Your friends turn their backs
Yet you can't grasp quite why they should
Still you're convinced that you're just misunderstood
But then you would
Track Name: The Day You Lied
When you sat in all the cheap seats
With the money that you paid
I recall the optimism
Then the contempt that you displayed
I had nothing to say to you
On the day you lied

When they had to clear the harbour
To drain the sewage that was there
It was gone in next to no time
But at no time did you care
I had nothing to say to you
On the day you lied

That's what you get when you crossover
That's what you mean when you oppose
And end up living side-by-side

When they came to block the pathways
You said you understood the cause
But when it came to give it all back
With the other hand you took more
I had nothing to say to you
On the day you lied

When you sat in all the cheap seats
With the money that you paid
I recall the optimism
Then the contempt that you displayed
I have nothing to say to you
Track Name: The Great Divide
When you speak
Random words projected out
When you hear
All ignored except the shout
Claiming that you want to be
One of the last to shake the tree

When you see
And your eyes reflect the past
When you feel
But the question's not yet asked
As you lie there on the ground
A case of missing but feared drowned

Ohh, ohh, when you denied
The revisionists were not surprised
Ohh, ohh, when you decide
The widening of the great divide

When you taste
All the maggots on your tongue
When you fear
And the axe has already swung
You try and hide behind the gold
But all the heads have already rolled

No need to divide us all
Already separated by the wall
But then the scandal of the bailing out
Provides the hammer to knock it down
Track Name: Tidy Up Your Playthings
Walking through fields in winter
Cold breath in the air
The thorny gap where
The path that leads to the river
Crosses over the lea
And then heads out to the sea
When the fading light mutates into night
And you can't go home because you've got no home
And every small decree tastes like victory

Surviving the heat of the summer
It's a special event
No malicious intent
Everyone seems to grow younger
Freshly enrolled
In the school for the old
Like the sun at dawn when the dark's withdrawn
And the sky's like rust and the world wakes up
With the shepherds warned of the coming storm

Tidy up your playthings
Put your toys back in the box
You're claiming success
Oh, but what a cost
So many horrors seen and done
Private battles lost and won
But it's over now

I'd like to renew our friendship
If you really don't mind
And you are so inclined
I really don't need that guilt trip
There's no need to ask
When it lives in the past
When the fading light mutates into night
And you can't go home because you've got no home
And every small decree tastes like victory
Track Name: Fake Plastic Art
So you feel like singing
All your friends say you'll go far
Be a star
You'd cut your arm off for those yesses
Sell your soul for just one more
But what for
You know it's only karaoke
Fake plastic art

It's OK you've got your mentors
And they really believe in you
You'll pull through
And like a fool you just believed them
They said your voice was so sublime
Just a matter of time
They're only massaging your ego
Fake plastic art

Ohhhh, ohhhh, what are you bothering for?
Ohhhh, ohhhh, no one's listening anymore
Cold and lonely on your own
Stood outside your old stage door

Hooked you up with a big producer
Everything he touches makes it big
He's so slick
Told you you'd easily sell a million
But with fingers crossed behind their backs
And you fell flat
Another martyr at the altar of
Fake plastic art
Track Name: Private Eye
Ten stubbed out Embassy lay scattered on the floor
The silhouette behind the curtain disappeared from sight once more
Listening in again
Listening in again

The target reappeared, this time his luck was in
The microwave detector read the password as she typed it in
Listening in again
Listening in again

All because of her job she spends her time in the spotlight
But it's her private life where she suffers from stage fright
Private Eye

As she looked outside she saw the shadow move
Just another aspect of her life she knows she can't remove
Hiding away again
Hiding away again

A glimpse, a click, a flash she's failed to avoid
The intrusion once again; another moment's been destroyed
Hiding away again
Hiding away again

Perpetually the couple play out the game
She hides, he counts up to ten, she's been discovered again
It always plays out the same
Track Name: Days Of Vinyl
Do you remember waiting patiently outside
When the delivery to the shop had just arrived
The special moment after months of speculation
As you saw the final cover the first time
Held aloft you felt the weight
Like a trophy you had won
You didn't dare to hesitate
To get it home and put it on and hear it played

Oh to relive the days of vinyl
It crackled and popped but you just didn't care
It meant more than mere survival
Lost yourself in the music
To the world unaware

Do you remember when you heard one of your friends
Had got that album you were dying just to hear
How you invited yourself round to hear the sound
And brought a blank tape to record a souvenir
You sat together on the floor
As the needle hit the groove
A noise you'd never heard before
Engulfed the room and danced around your virgin ears
Track Name: Middle Of Time
You still can't believe
That you'd accept the reprieve
Despite the excitement of the sound
That detached you from the crowd

When the foliage recedes
Contracting one more disease
Hidden in the fog that engulfs and surrounds
What was lost has now been found

As you gaze
At the middle of time

Still you escape by imagining swimming back upstream
Hacking down brambles and then planting the seeds
Clearing out all the weeds

At the top of the slide
Trying to hold back the tide
Letting the horse go before the plough
Another shot across the bow

A not so lucky escape
Misused the previous shape
Halfway down the path of longevity
Downhill as far as you can see

As you gaze
At the middle of time

And you are happy with your lot
All of the effort was not for naught
As you stand
At the peak of the climb