The Exit's Always Near

by Primakova

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released December 12, 2010



all rights reserved


Primakova Ely, UK

An alternative indie/folk/rock band with the core instruments of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards that performs catchy songs with intelligent lyrics

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Track Name: Too Soon
The bottle of wine's gone dry
Lowered resistance to your lies
I just wanted to be the same
Not to play your stupid games

I talked before I should have done
I walked when I should have run
As it was just too soon

Fixated by the light
And yet drawn towards the night
It's time to face the morning sun
And the consequence of what we've done

Revealing truth through all the false claims
The negativity I overcame
I don't feel ashamed
I don't feel ashamed
Track Name: Breathing Space
To be a fly on the wall
Was just a dream, but vivid all the same
To stand beside you so tall
So out of reach, reacted just like it's some kind of game

Then along came the spider
The tangled web leaving no-one outside its grasp
With the venom inside her
She destroyed it all before you had a chance to ask

Do you find it hard to breath?
Is it far too much to speak?
Hanging loosely by a thread for all to see
Like the flint creates a spark
And the torch cuts through the dark
Wrenched apart from the seems for values you don't keep
And the family is crying now
Yes the family is crying now

The repercussions to come
They will be swift, they will be cruel, they will be unseen
And with glazed over eyes
The remains of the past catches up with modern dreams
Track Name: Carousel
I feel I'm trapped in a mirror maze
Like I've been wondering around for days
What's the best way out of here
They say the exit's always near

I saw the horses running round
Steam powered with the organ grinder's sound
Laughing at the unintentional clown
As the simplest of catches goes down

Riding round on the carousel
Not catching up, not falling back, oh no
Endless circuits of this grim hotel
Please apply the brakes
I want to get off now

And the ghost train it rumbles on
With the zombies and the freaks all merged as one
Spiders spin their webs but ignore the flies
The cockroach in a suit the much bigger prize
Track Name: Fate
When I go, when I go it will not surprise me
It's how I know, it's how I know it's not the end
Should I look, should I look all around me
I dare not try, I dare not try in case I lose a friend

Listen to the noise around
Those voices sing without a sound
And place a calmness upon me
The wind bestows a kiss so fair
It brightens up the moonlit air
And offers me complete release

It's just fate, it's just fate that's come a calling
I know it's time, I know it's time I was going home
It's no use, it's no use in me slowing and stalling
I need to face, I need to face it this time on my own
Track Name: 13th Floor
Close your eyes my friend
It's time to say goodbye again
Your dying, I'm lying
Here beside your bed against the wall
Trying to come to terms with it all
On the 13th floor

Never suspected the truth
Hidden by the sparkle of youth
You're ravaged, I'm savaged
By a guilt that I did not foresee
Now you're taken away from me
On the 13th floor

Laughing at all the jokes you told
Remembering things that you had showed
Jumping at the ringing of the phone
Never once will I regret
Hanging on every word you said
I hope that time will heal this open wound

Missed a lot in those three weeks
Thinking thoughts I dare not speak
You waited, I wasted
All the precious time that you had left
Hope I'm forgiven nonetheless
On the 13th floor
Track Name: Becalmed Again
Lying here in a smoke filled room
Surrounded by the fragrance of a wonderful perfume
Candlelight flickers across the back of my hand
Suddenly I'm grateful for the chance to understand
Things I despise in a beautiful disguise
Becalmed again

Floating gently 'cross the smoky sea
Observing everything as it drifts towards me
Time stands still as I hand the baton on
Seize the moment when all consciousness has gone
Things I despise in a beautiful disguise
Becalmed again

And I'll lie here forever
At least until the light comes on
And I'll stay here together
Painting pictures on the wall with my heavy half open eyes
Track Name: Fourth Floor Window
Leaning out of a fourth floor window
I inhale the smoke
Expands my lungs like organic hot air balloons
I slowly begin to choke

The thickening air, starved of oxygen
A lake of coal
The acid sting in the eyes detracts nothing from
The acrid smell in the nose

Oblivious it lingers on
Blind from the influence of the sun
Touched by the hand that holds the gun

Leaning out of a fourth floor window
I survey the sound
Pierces my ears to the point of bleeding as it
Erupts from down on the ground

The ghostly scream chills the darkened sky
Recording pain
Primal fear explodes with volcanic intensity again
Track Name: Blowing Without The Wind
When your world turns upside down
And the prevailing trend is always down
Take some comfort from the crowd
Don't be embarrassed just to scream out loud

You've clambered halfway up the stairs
By dividing all the steps up into pairs
But as the lightening splits the sky
You're left wondering the reasons why

Left to suffer with your back against the wall
Cries turn to laughter as they fall

We saw them too
Head still in the noose
Concrete clamped by shackles to their feet
Blowing without the wind

With all your assets under freeze
Accepting any hand to get you off your knees
Far too willing in your haste
Schadenfreude leaves the sweetest taste
Track Name: The Oncoming
Who watches the watchmen
Crowded in their bunker underneath
Cameras trained on every individual
The fear of movement constrains the feet

The young woman outsider
Hiding in her bedsit all alone
Was reminded of the past she left behind her by the
Mysterious clicking on the telephone

Fly, flee the oncoming

Eyes evolved from the purpose of seeing
Become our main identity
The extradition of habeas corpus
No longer means they need to be discrete

Beware the ones who cherry-picked the legislation to approve
Escape the forthcoming trap as there's no option to refuse
Track Name: It's All Changed
We were fooling around in the sand
I remember the turd in your hand
Then there were the mud pies on the lawn
Like demonic molehills gone to war
But it's all changed
It's all changed
Always changes every year

You were doubling up on my bike
The policeman gave us both a nasty fright
Should have listened but spoke instead
So he cracked me upside my head
But it's all changed
It's all changed
Always changes every year

I've read the headlines now
Wondering what I'm allowed
To keep me safe from myself
Point the spray and see the sheen
I don't need to be that clean
Not taken in by what you sell
What you sell

I recall the long long walk to school
Never seen or looked upon as cruel
Everybody travelled in that way
Somehow there's a different view today
And it's all changed
Its all changed
Always changes every year
Track Name: I Wonder
Groping helpless in the dark
Like the kindling and the spark
Without a wind to fan the flames

Trying desperately to blow
All I get is the tiny glow
And a sense of being utterly drained

And I wonder what it's like
To draw the full house in the poker game of life
With my luck, I'll only draw the one eyed jack (1st time)
With my luck, I'll still have this monkey on my back (2nd time)

Like the legend of the eskimo
And their fifty words for snow
I've got many ways of saying sorry

But if you'll give me a second chance
I'll just apologise in advance
For all the things that will make you angry
Track Name: Behind The Photograph
The remains of me
Lie beyond the lens
Entangled in a ray of light
Escape velocity
Torn apart from the shadows

Ancient philosophy
Flows through the centuries
Elicits half a smile from me
The lucid world
Seems lost forever

Bare your soul for the camera
Lose the spirit inside
Find it behind the photograph

Awakening memories
Of conversations that passed
Over half a life away
But looking into the future
We sit together
Track Name: Grey Concrete Walls
Grey concrete walls
The ziggurats frown at me
Grey concrete walls
While there's no guarantee
It's just the first degree
I'm tired of fighting against it all
But still I carry on

Grey concrete walls
Hunger masks the continued strain
Grey concrete walls
Stealing to survive
Work all day and all night
Day by day suffer much the same
But still I carry on

It was supposed to be the time of my life
A time to celebrate a life in its prime
That's not how it was for me
But with all things said and done
I made the other side
With the battle won

Grey concrete walls
Forced to play the education game
Grey concrete walls
Too tired to think and write
Stress overcomes the night
The support I get keeps me sane
And still I carry on
Track Name: Rosetta Stone
Talking to you is like speaking in tongues
You don't understand at all
You put your pride before the fall

Communication with you is like walking on coals
A burning heat that you cannot feel
It's so normal it's quite surreal

Oh, how do you cope inside your world
Without the Rosetta Stone
Alone again out in the cold
Oh, looking into your eyes
There's just astonishment and surprise
A look that simply cannot be disguised
Without the Rosetta Stone

The madness consumes you like a fog moving inland
Deceit overcomes success
Outward calm under real duress

Red faced and twitching you betray all your feelings
At least they see just what you are
An imposter in a fancy car

Stop, just slow it down
Think, before you drown
And start again