The Last Living Souvenir

by Primakova

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released November 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Primakova Ely, UK

An alternative indie/folk/rock band with the core instruments of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards that performs catchy songs with intelligent lyrics

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Track Name: Learning To Swim
No regrets
The words that break the bonds remain unsaid
No backward steps
Though we never could have guessed what lay ahead
But we forged that path together
Found ourselves along the way
Not led astray

As we pushed against the system
In our own ways
Our personal anchors were cast away
We were learning to swim

We were criticised
But we were young and just exploring what we tried
Always supplied
Ingesting all we could and more besides
The love affair got deeper
The potions more advanced
But not out of hand

Marching on
Defending unknown strangers from the storm
Against the law
Charged at with beasts and batons amidst the war
The conviction gained momentum
As the ropes were thrown away
We were here to stay
Track Name: Mechanical Turk
A new announcement has been made
Still the same as yesterday
As it's always been
Though his mouth is open wide
You cannot see the hand inside
That pulls the strings
The latest project has been canned
But did you see the sleight of hand?

Mechanical Turk behind the scenes
Tucked inside the TV screen
His silent voice
Has made your choice

Making light of the deceit
Owning up but still discrete
Yet more delay
Though constant wailing at the wall
Never blinked an eye at all
Just waved away
Controlling hands beneath the table
You try to see but you're unable
Track Name: In His Head
He appeared as if from nowhere
And though he'd had a few
You saw the signals nonetheless
As he struggled to impress
The fake tan gave a clue
That his story would fall through
His brain was rushing round so fast
As he lied about his past
About his past

It's in his head
A history of one
Round and round the story goes
And juxtaposed the untruth grows
It's in his head
With a life all it's own
Set on permanent repeat
And now completely overblown

Although you judged him harmless
You were still annoyed
He just wouldn't let it lie
And there was plenty more besides
Where it came from no-one knew
Lexicographical shampoo
And when he hinted there was more
You knew him less well than before
Than before

Why, does he feel the need to lie?
No compromise, is he unaware
You don’t know, though you’ve tried
Track Name: Rorschach Test
That time at the station
With me in the hat
In the festival hall
Never sat at the back
Where's the fun in that?
Climbing in the bathroom window
Just to unlock the door
Picking up all the petals from the floor

The poles between your ears never meet halfway
The scars below your sleeve count off the days
Did you mean to try so hard?
Did you want to have so much to confess?
Did you score a passing grade
In your Rorschach Test?

Thinner and thinner
Magazines don't compare
Trying to cover
The secret affair
With your thousand yard stare
Now I know I've seen you naked
But so has half the western world
So far removed from that innocent girl

You change your hair
Like you're changing your clothes
You spite your face
Just to cut off your nose
Track Name: Winter Falls In Spring
As the days draw short again
The nights grow more alive
The dew on the window pane
Wiped aside

With nose pressed against the glass
Condensation before their eyes
The memories of the past
Only subside

Fighting off the cold with warming rain
Digesting what's left over
Yet leaving it all the same
And remember
When winter falls in spring

As the leaves turn from green to brown
The frost nips at the toes
The ghosts of the ailing town
Slowly foreclosed

The community puppeteer
Hanging on to control
The last living souvenir
Finally sold
Track Name: Traitor's Gate
Across the threshold of the traitor's gate
Passing through
But not passing go
The call received with an offer to translate
But you can't
Because you don't know

The flight has returned again
Disappeared, but not unknown
This time you've been burned again
They turned up the heat
Overcooked, not overthrown

Beckoned through the traitor's gate
Pushed or pulled
It's not in dispute
Only silence from the one who still awaits
Cast out from home
One more recruit

You're just walking backwards
You don't see the cliff
Keeping up with the herd
But with one foot over the abyss

A new arrival at the traitor's gate
You may have dreamed
But that's not a crime
A passing reference from within the fifth estate
How far will you go
Just to tow the line
Track Name: Probably Not The Last
See the dogs
They're surrounding the playground
Keeping the smoking guns at bay
And the children
They're waiting to be found
Fighting each other for their sick pay

Find the fish
Swimming down to the estuary
Safety in numbers in no man's land
Then the anglers
Cast the bait amongst the debris
Calmly biting off the feeding hand

Waking the dead from their slumber
Leaving the sheep to the tainted grass
When all the incoming calls are counted
And the positions have been recast
That's when it's time to make the move
Time to make the first move
Probably not the last

Catch the peacocks
Strutting proudly down the pavement
Slicked back hair covers up the bald patch
And the snakes
Wrapped their necks with attacking intent
But then striking with no more than a scratch
Track Name: Take It As It Comes
You lost your job today
Thrown off of the gravy train
Now just a foot soldier of pity
And the king of the weak and tamed
Returning home to an empty rumour
With what's left of your weekly wage
It's just a matter of time
Before the curtain drops
And you stumble off the stage

The faces at the bar
Expressions all the same
Take it as it comes
But don't complain

Leave the house at eleven thirty
To join the boys down at the bar
Not enough to get the round in
It's depressing you fell this far
But that feeling never lasts
Beyond the bottom of the glass
Because the next in line
Already tops the bar
And you know it won't be the last

A hanger on to the Big Society
An outlet for the family's grief
A happy ending ain't guaranteed

(Last whole chorus)
Spiral down into your stupor
With no-one else but yourself to blame
Take it as it comes
But don't complain
Track Name: Maelstrom
Flotsam drifts by
Gripped by the tide
Washing everything away
Re-appearing overnight
Pack your bags we're leaving
‘Cos the roof is leaking
And the bucket's shrinking
Bailing ever faster than before

Swimming outward
Gaining strength to escape the maelstrom
Pulling backwards
Manoeuvring out from it's deadly grip
As you feel the strangle-hold begin to slip
And the spell that mesmerised can start to lift
With open water up ahead

First to indict
But not underwrite
Retaining absolute control
Avoiding any oversight
As the limit gets closer
And the assets disposed of
Another organ donor
Leave but then avoid the closing door
Track Name: The Numbers Game
Factored in then syphoned off
Divided up and then forgot
Then forgot
The dice were rolled, the cards were stacked
You bet on red but it came up black
It came up black
Relying on the law of averages
To get it back on track

The final answers floating
In a sea of only primes
The remainder's been subtracted
But never multiplied
In the numbers game

Reports are coming from the polls
Small percentage that enrolled
That enrolled
The split goes up, the gap comes down
Take the fraction in account
In account
The entertainment on the airwaves
Called it all throughout

Amongst all the equations
A difference not a sign
The statistics offer nothing
Because they're lying all the time
Track Name: Gaia
The silken pure gold of the morning
Picks out the highlights in her hair
Be there forever

The lengthening shadows of evening
Conceal the scars upon her face
Breathing together

(Middle 8)
The northern lights expose her mind to the profane
Shimmering in the flame