Uncertain Arrival Date

by Primakova

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released February 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Primakova Ely, UK

An alternative indie/folk/rock band with the core instruments of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards that performs catchy songs with intelligent lyrics

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Track Name: Ghost Ship Electron
Standing on the forward deck
Gazing at the horizon
Far too early and unsure to dismiss
Yet too far gone
Notify the men in charge
To escape and
That the chance is long past rescue
Black mist, the solution is overboard

Round the harbour and round the bend
Exposed to the harsh sun
All ship shape but with no friends
On the ghost ship Electron

Dreaming of the Golden Globe
Completed single handed
Fabrication of the journey so far
But nothing said
Sailing on at half the speed
Mental breakdown
Incomplete and self-defeating
To win, the breaking of the final straw

Floating with no-one on board
Found deserted
Once adrift and forever abandoned
Jumped off, a martyr to the final cause
Track Name: It's Art 'Cos They Said So
Never touch the pile of bricks, ‘cos they said so
Clean your room but not the bed, ‘cos they said so
Proudly listening in silence, just a game show

Pocket contents on the plinth, ‘cos they said so
De Kooning outdone by a kid, ‘cos they said so
Tree In Naples in the bank, so apropos

A photograph of a drawing of abstract art
Full circle defining by the makers mark
But is it art?

But there’s a story behind this, ‘cos they said so
The emperor’s really got new clothes, ‘cos they said so
You know it really made me think, not too hard though
Track Name: Fighting Stance
Another detainee
Devoted deportee
Slipped under the door the note promises change

A certain absentee
Lost the master key
Contemplating the meaning of the last exchange

Link your arms together and pose in that fighting stance
The balance and the poise required to resist the advance
Wasted effort in any other circumstance

The state agreed upon
And the work undone
Dispute the negative impact of the promises claimed

Backlash soon begun
Just a hired gun
Perpetuating the myth that it can’t be explained

Locate the road much less travelled
Hack down the weeds to get through
So underused
Track Name: Let The Wasteland Burn
The tall malignant periscope
Looms large against the skyline
The poison and the antidote
Forcibly combined
Cathedral of the open marsh
Emerges from the water
Sacrosanct the farmers charge
To appease the founders daughter

Burn, let the wasteland burn
Burn, injunction overturned
Burn, let the wasteland burn

Fiction in the magazine
Preys on greed and petty vices
All is not quite as it seems
Fabricated prices
Gold chain round the scoundrels neck
Plays the part of the provider
Signed the blank and secret cheque
And left their wallets lighter

Worship the flame
Before putting it out
Publicly shamed
And then littered about
Track Name: Failed Recluse
Life in the Torres Strait
Before the colonisers came
Fishing boats
Colours superimposed
Beeswax on the wall
Infused the meaning of it all

Before, failed recluse
Lost, then introduced

Uncertain arrival date
Pre-dates the influence of man
Special code
Wisdom was bestowed
Amongst the menagerie
Depicted in the ochre gallery

Chief among the men
Returned to hiding once again
Track Name: The Denial
It’s easier in hindsight
To explain your rationale
But it’s tainted with religion
And what you tried to sell
So keep hold of your bible
Your reading glass and pen
And preach to the converted
As before and as again

You said before you’d offer an improvement
But all along you hid behind the flag
With no plan
With no plan

Forgetting it was easy
By refusing to turn back
You can’t look into the mirror
For fear that it will crack
The demon has been banished
By hanging out to dry
But your legacy is frightening
And you’ll never wonder why

Innocence is your defence
Convinced you’ve done no wrong
Whilst ruefully denying
The operation undergone
Winning from the losing side
Of the game of hide and seek
Unable to admit the fact
That your competence is weak
Track Name: Landed Auctioneer
The man with the hat
At the station
And those three harmonica notes
Under the brim there’s
Unfinished business
And the sound of him clearing his throat
No more visitors here
No more trade
Keep your hands near your pocket
And look him in the eye
Board the last train back to Kansas
You’re not welcome here

Concede to the landed auctioneer
Yield to the fraudulent cashier
The last frontier

In the back of the saloon there’s
Five people waiting
For the next mark to come through the door
Whiskey in their glasses and
Cards in their hands
They’ve seen it all and done it before
One more space in the game
One more play
With your eyes fixed on the table
And the rest on your back
Only one person is leaving
You’re not welcome here

On the other side of main street
The undertaker
Measures out the last coffin lid
Because you vowed to return to the
Scene of the crime
To undo what your fore-bearer did
He wanted more of a share
To meet halfway
But the avarice of freedom
Made them steal from the tribe
Scalped without a reason
You’re not welcome here
Track Name: Holiday In The Sun
Under cirrus skies
First bottle of wine
The evening has begun
Eating out of sight
Leaving overnight
The drinking’s not yet done
Dancing moths round the lantern flame
What was once will never be again
Camouflaged and under sedation

Blotted out and tucked away
The little problem has been contained
Overlooked and forgotten for
The perfect holiday in the sun

First to bed at night
Straight out like a light
No visitors after ten
Tea stain down the front
A midnight treasure hunt
Yet never seen again
Fractured peace of the calm resort
Bite your lip or risk contempt of court
Full control of what’s been reported
Track Name: Grab The Prize And Flee
Sick and tired, there’s no-one on the phone to me
Coffee wired, failed to look ahead to this degree
Relieve the tension, yet more money spent
Ask the question and it all goes around again

Look inside, grab the prize and flee
Can’t decide, what will be will be
But never guaranteed

Cut the rope, don’t need this hanging round my neck
We never spoke, so what kind of hidden clues do you expect
Running backwards, avoiding the debris
Still not captured, not enough for the entrance fee

Awaiting the decision
Continue the revision
Working under supervision
Keep up at the back, observe the angle of attack
Learn the tactics of the game
Running on the pitch to great acclaim
Track Name: Northern Soul
Dancing all night
At the Twisted Wheel
Leaving behind the smog
And the molten steel
Work for the week and live for the weekend
The only chance of escape
The perpetual buzz
Left behind at the factory gate

Soul, Northern Soul
Four to the floor and out of control
Working the room to the sound of the Northern Soul

LS Lowry
Put on those dancing shoes
Ben Sherman shirts
And intricate tattoos
Whatever the weather, the weather is fine
With Caroline on the air
Queued round the block
To sign the questionnaire

From Wigan Casino the heart of the scene
To the Mecca at Blackpool and all in between
Away from the grind of the daily machine
Always sight unseen